How long does it for a news item to be broad casted at BBC?

Answer British brainwashing corporation

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Ellen DeGeneres is broad casted in what city?

I guess we don't get the Help from Oprah. We have to be from another country.We are starving here too for food andjobs for those that lost theirs. (Thanks Mina from Georgia)

I want to know for how long we should water the roof after it is casted for Cooling/Curing Purpose?

Process of setting of concrete starts the moment water is added to the dry mixture of cement, sand and aggregate [crushed stones]. This process generates heat and therefore requires to be cooled d... Read More »

What's a regular food item you haven't had to eat in a long long while.?

Stew, I'm going to make a pot of it today for tomorrows dinner, I can't wait to taste it. Stew always tastes nicer the next day..

Tokio Hotel Family ; NEWS NEWS NEWS :D?

Aww, the letter was super cute. :DThey were probably so sad when they thought the lost and then BAM the unimaginable happens.Haha. d:Yeah, I saw that episode of the After Show.I love the show but i... Read More »