How long does international postage take from HK to TH?

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How long does international airmail take?

Delivery of international airmail, or First Class Mail International, takes six to 14 business days, according to the U.S. Postal Service. This service doesn’t come with a tracking number. Those ... Read More »

How long does international adoption take?

On average 12-18 months. Some countries have a longer a process, others are shorter. About 12-18 months is average though.

How long does an international patent last?

Generally patents last 20 years whether they are international or domestic but that span can vary depending on the nature of the patent. Design patents, for instance, last only 14 years from the da... Read More »

How to Fax International Long-Distance?

Facsimiles are data transmission sent over telephone wires. Domestic faxing is relatively common. International faxing is a bit uncommon and can be costly. If you need to send an international fax ... Read More »