How long does interior paint stay good in the can?

Answer Interior paint in an unopened can stays good for up to 10 years. Cans of paint that have been opened and sealed again are good from two to five years. Store the paint can upside down in a dry room ... Read More »

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How long is interior paint good for?

An unopened can of interior paint stored in a cool, dry place is good for 3-5 years. Variables such as storage conditions and temperature (latex paint breaks down in freezing temperatures) affect p... Read More »

How long will latex paint stay good in the can?

According to the University of Missouri Extension, "latex paint is usable if it is less than ten years old and has not been repeatedly frozen and thawed." Store paint cans upside down. Test the qua... Read More »

How long does interior paint take to dry?

Latex interior paint is formulated to be quick drying and most brands are dry to the touch one hour after application. Manufacturers must include approximate drying time based on a room at 77 degre... Read More »

How long will a sealed can of interior paint last?

According to Jimco Trailers, the way you store your paint plays a large role in how long the paint will last. If stored outside in a garage or shed, the life of the paint will decrease because of t... Read More »