How long does hickory farms food last if unopened?

Answer It depends on the specific food item and the temperature at which it has been stored. According to Marcia at customer service, a Hickory Farms beef stick lasts up to 9 months, and cheese blocks las... Read More »

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How long do Hickory Farms foods last if unopened?

Because it is a precooked product, Hickory Farms Summer Sausage can last unopened in the refrigerator for about two weeks, or one to two months if frozen, according to the USDA. Soft cheese product... Read More »

How long do Hickory Farms sausages last?

Unopened hard or dried Hickory Farms sausage can last indefinitely in the fridge and up to six weeks in the pantry. Summer sausage will last three months in the refrigerator if unopened, and three ... Read More »

Who owns Hickory Farms?

Hickory Farms is owned by Sun Capital Partners, Inc, a private equity firm. SCP acquired Hickory Farms in 2007 (from Jupiter Partners, who owned the company since 1998). Hickory Farms is headquarte... Read More »

Food for Fish Farms?

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