How long does hepatitis C last on surfaces?

Answer On One Hand: Length of Survival"The hepatitis C virus can survive outside the body at room temperature, on surfaces, for at least 16 hours, but no longer than four days.", according to The Read More »

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How long does the flu virus last on surfaces?

Some strains of the influenza virus are hardier than others, and environmental factors such as heat and humidity affect flu virus survival on items such as doorknobs, counters and cash. Flu viruses... Read More »

How long can a stomach virus last on surfaces?

It can last up to a week sometimes. Just make sure you wear gloves and be very careful about handwashing. Go to your job.

How long does Hepatitis C survive?

On One Hand: Many Years in a HostThe virus that causes hepatitis C is a member of the flaviviridae that is transmitted three primary ways: sexual contact, the sharing of contaminated medical equipm... Read More »

How long does a cold or flu like the swine flu virus live on surfaces?

Flu Virus Life on Toothbrushes, Toys, Doorknobs, etc.Different time frames are found referenced about the length of time viruses can remain viable on surfaces outside a living host, but for most en... Read More »