How long does chewing gum stay in your stomach?

Answer According to, chewing gum is not digested in the same manner as food, but it does not stay in the stomach very long. The sugars are absorbed but the gum resin moves on through the sm... Read More »

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How long does liquid methadone have to stay in your stomach to make sure your body absorbs it?

Methadone, a potent opioid agonist, has many characteristics that make it useful for the treatment of pain when continuous opioid analgesia is indicated. Although available for decades, its use has... Read More »

Does chewing gum stay in the stomach for seven years?

Despite the popularity of the urban legend that chewing gum stays in your stomach for seven years after swallowed, chewing gum behaves like any other consumable once digested; it is processed throu... Read More »

How long would it take to get stomach cancer if...?

Increased blood pressure followed by kidney problems would be the most likely scenario.This can be years or even decades in the process.The sensible thing is to reduce your sodium intake to a reaso... Read More »

How long does it take for your stomach to get hard?

Answer As with everything, this depends on the person. Some women report their stomachs getting firmer toward the end of their first trimester. Most common seems to be stomach hardening at about 18... Read More »