How long does getting up on the wrong side of your bed last?

Answer untill you go back to sleep and get up on the right side....

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What is wrong with a cactus when it splits up the side?

Answer Too much water. It has been watered too much and grew too fast.

If you get up on the wrong side of the bed, and your bed is against the wall, what are your best options?

How Can I Tell If Soft Contacts Are Wrong Side Out?

These days, new waves are being made in the creation of soft contact lenses every day so that almost anyone can wear contacts despite any eye conditions they may have. Your eye care practitioner s... Read More »

I drove on the wrong side of the road... help!?

It's fine. He'll probably won't report you unless he immediately memorized your number plate. It's alright to make a few minor mistakes on the road when you just got your license.