How long does facebook copper mugshot yourself take?

Answer Like 5 sec

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How long does it take to deactivate your Facebook?

well it is gone right after u delete it. but u can reactivate it just as easy, if u got to log in it will say like this account has been deactivated an email has been sent to this user. and u will ... Read More »

Why does it take so long to upload a video on Facebook..?

It depends on the size of the video file and the network connection being used.Some of my high quality, high definition, 3 minute videos take 4+ hours to upload/process at YouTube.

How long does it take to go idle on facebook chat?

If you don't click anything on facebook for ~10 minutes, you will appear idle (but still online, ie. people can still message you).To go back as online simply click any link on facebook, or just re... Read More »

Does it take a long time for you guys to send a video via Facebook chat?

no it doesn't.......i think its faster than uploading a pic.>check your connection. :best of Luck