How long does facebook copper mugshot yourself take?

Answer Like 5 sec

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How long will copper water pipes last?

Copper plumbing corrodes slowly and can last for well over 100 years. However, pitting, or corrosion of a small area of pipe, can occur when copper pipe is used with water having a pH of 6.5 or low... Read More »

How to Copper Plate a Quarter with Copper Sulfate?

Electroplating is the process of covering one metal with a thin coating of another by using an electric current. It can be used for decoration or to protect against corrosion. It is also a highly v... Read More »

Is 10GBASE-T copper or fibre, if copper what is the equivalent name of 10GB fibre cable?

10GBase-T is the standard for 10GB Ethernet over twisted pair copper cablesWhen you use optical fibre there are several different port types to choose from so you'll see references like these:10GBA... Read More »

How to Tell How Long You've Been on Facebook?

While Facebook doesn't make the date each user joined the site public, there is a way to find out exactly how long you've been using Facebook. After downloading an easily scrollable HTML file conta... Read More »