How long does eye dialation last?

Answer Eye dilation lasts approximately four to six hours, but can vary according to the individual. Dilation is normally performed at an eye doctor's office during an eye examination using eye drops call... Read More »

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39 weeks an 3cm dialated what can i do to help dialation?

just relax and let your body do the job it was designed to. the more you tense the longer it will takealso sex! sperm is known to soften the cervix, which may in turn help open it more :) worked fo... Read More »

If you are 38 weeks and 50 effaced with no dialation and contractions at 3 min apart when do you know when actual labor begins?

Answer Are your contractions regular, meaning, have they been 3 mins apart now for the last hour? If they have been I would say your in labor and to go to the hospital.

How long must an employer supply medical insurance to an employee on long term disability?

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What is the name of the long asian pastry which you break down the middle to make two long piece?

It is known as a Liu Bao or Chinese crueller, it is used for dipping in the rice porridge/soup known as Congee or Juk, I have it once and awhile here in Toronto Canada, I have bought the cruellers ... Read More »