How long does duckweed live?

Answer Duckweed---the smallest flowering, leafless plant that grows on top of fresh or polluted water---lives approximately one month, with some parts of the "mat" of flowers living just 19 days, and othe... Read More »

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Where does duckweed live?

Duckweed is a common free-floating aquatic plant that can cover the surface of some ponds. It can be found in waterways across the globe except for the coldest regions, and thrives in water that is... Read More »

Does duckweed spread?

Duckweed can spread across a pond quickly and thrives when nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients are present in large amounts. Duckweed can block sunlight from other plants, thus reducing oxygen... Read More »

How Long Does Honeysuckle Live?

Honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.) is the common name applied to over 170 species of twining evergreen vines that are known for the fragrant, white, pink or yellow trumpet-shaped blossoms that they produc... Read More »

How long does monera live?

The Kingdom of Monera includes the two major domains: Archea and Bacteria. Neither of these two organisms ever really die of old age; they either die because of inclement conditions or receive enou... Read More »