How long does dog heartworm medication last?

Answer Early prescriptions for heartworm required supplying your dog with a daily dosage. Today, nearly all forms of heartworm medication last for a month or more. "Heartworms are a parasite that is carri... Read More »

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Who invented heartworm medication?

Merck & Co., Inc., developed ivermectin based heartworm preventative and treatment medication in partnership with Dr. Satoshi Omura. In 1975, Dr. Omura derived ivermectin from avermectin bacteria h... Read More »

Flea and Heartworm Medication?

Pets are vulnerable to flea and heartworm anytime they are outside, but particularly in warmer weather. Fleas thrive in temperatures between 65 and 80 F, according to Vet Info, and heartworms are c... Read More »

Canine Allergy to Heartworm Medication?

Heartworm medication is a life-saver for dogs. It can prevent heartworms from growing to lethal size, and kills them before they do more damage to the heart and lungs. Some dogs, however, are aller... Read More »

How long do medication patents last?

In the United States, the patent on a pharmaceutical drug or medication lasts 20 years. Congress can, however, extend the life of a patent by a special act. Once the patent has expired, the drug ca... Read More »