How long does cord blood last?

Answer While studies are still being done to test how long cord blood lasts, currently cord blood is able to be stored for up to 10 years.Source:Cord Blood Bank

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How long does leg swelling last im taking blood thinner for blood clot?

The process has to be slow say a week (depends on medication and underlying gross pathology), because some times the clot dislodges and anchors in heart , brain or lungs.So be patient for safe and ... Read More »

What kind of blood does the umbilical cord contain?

Cord blood is rich in stem cells, including blood-forming hematopoietic cells. These stem cells contain platelets, as well as red and white blood cells that can be used to treat diseases such as le... Read More »

What does cord blood banking mean to your family?

Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that can develop into many different parts of the human body to treat diseases, and it has a lower recipient rejection rate--especially among family members... Read More »

How long after donating blood does it take to get a blood donor card?

I donated a while back and it took a good three or four weeks. I guess it might depend on where you live too.