How long does cooked pumpkin stay good in the refrigerator?

Answer for only 2 weeks

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How long can cooked pumpkin stay in the refrigerator?

If you are not going to use the cooked pumpkin within 2-3 days, I would recommend you put it in the freezer.

How many days will a pumpkin pie stay fresh I cooked on monday. It has been in the refrigerator and now it is Saturday.?

It should be good for seven to ten days covered and refrigerated

How long can cooked pancakes stay in the refrigerator?

usually when my cooked pancakes are in the fridge they stay for about a week, then they get spoiled.

How long does cooked pasta stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Freshness of Stored Cooked Pasta Unsuaced pasta can last for 3-4 days refrigerated in an airtight container. The sauce itself should last 6-7 days refrigerated. For more food storage info visitI wo... Read More »