How long does clam juice last in the refrigerator?

Answer The length of time varies slightly according to preparation method, but the Fresh Lobster Company places the shelf life of their All Natural Fresh Clam Juice at two weeks when refrigerated after op... Read More »

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How long will clam juice last in fridge?

Bottled clam juice should keep about5 days in the refrigerator

How long does lemon juice last?

On One Hand: Fresh Lemon JuiceFresh lemon juice lasts two to three days in the refrigerator if stored in an airtight container. It keeps up to four months when frozen in an ice cube tray and then s... Read More »

How long does soy milk last in the refrigerator?

Soy milk lasts longer in the refrigerator than cow's milk. Unopened, soy milk will stay fresh in the refrigerator until date stamped on the carton, according to Silk Soymilk. After the carton is op... Read More »

How long does tuna last in the refrigerator?

Tuna kept in a refrigerator at 42 degrees F has a shelf life of approximately three to six days. This holds true for both a fresh tuna filet and an opened can of tuna. It is best to eat the fish as... Read More »