How long does breast milk last in the freezer?

Answer In pretty sure milk will stay good if frozen for 6 months. I could b wrong, so check out that website!

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How long does breast milk last in and out of the fridge?

You can't put breast milk in the fridge. It must be digested right away.That answer is ridiculous. Here's where you can find the correct answer from LaLeche League. Read More »

Can one use breast milk freezer bags of another brand with the medela pump?

You can store breast milk in any brand of storage bags, regardless of the brand of pump you are using. Just be sure the bags are sterilized and meant specifically for the storage of breast milk.Sou... Read More »

How long does frozen meat last in the freezer?

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service, frozen meat can last indefinitely. But for optimum quality, the service recommends keeping uncooked red meat, pork and whole chicken no longer t... Read More »

How long does frozen fish last in the freezer?

When sealed properly and stored at a temperature of 0 degrees F (-18 C) or lower, shellfish, smoked fish and fatty fish such as salmon can be stored in the freezer for three to four months. Leaner ... Read More »