How long does bread stay good in the freezer?

Answer Yes you can eat it. I always have 3 loaves of bread in the freezer. As long as it was fresh when you froze it it will last for months. I just take mine out by the slice when I need it for toast or ... Read More »

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How long can chicken stay good for in the freezer?

months.It will last years in a deep freezer though.Your fridge freezer doesn't keep it cold enough for real long term storage.It won't make the chicken unsafe but will effect the quality sooner in ... Read More »

How long does vacuum-sealed corned beef stay good in the freezer?

Corned beef is a cut from the brisket that is normally cured in a seasoned brine. The corn in corned beef refers to the coarse salt used to cure the meat. Corned beef in a vacuum sealed pouch may s... Read More »

How long is fresh fish good in the freezer?

You can store frozen foods indefinitely, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, the quality of food will deteriorate over time. For fish, you will need to determine its quality b... Read More »

How to Keep Bread Fresh in the Freezer?

The way bread is stored is vital for freshness. The oils and minerals present in wheat flour break down quickly. This is the reason that breads dry out and become hard. Keep bread in the freezer. F... Read More »