How long does being tipsy last ten points?

Answer 1'2 hours

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How long does a 40 ounce of beer last after being opened?

The feeling of being tipsy..?

i feel like you do....the only way for me to prolong the nice feeling is to slow down drinking...or even you dont go over the line of feeling good to drunk....and then when you start to... Read More »

How long do car insurance points last?

The length of time points remain on a driving record depends on the state in which the driver holds a driver's license. In the majority of states using a point system, infractions remain on the dri... Read More »

How long can a laptop with a good battery last after being disconnected from source of electricity?

Mine lasts between 3.5-6 hours depending on what I'm doing. It will last about 20 hours if it's not being used or sleeping.