How long does beer last in a keg?

Answer Beer is subject to the effects of temperature, oxygen and bacteria. Buy the keg from breweries with good sanitation practices. Keep equipment clean, the beer chilled and use Co2 to pump the beer in... Read More »

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How long does bottled beer last in the fridge?

I just inherited beer from 2002, some of it was Sam Adams, some Budlight, and some MGD. I just had a sam Adams and it was fine. I think it helped that all these years this beer was just sitting in ... Read More »

How long does a 40 ounce of beer last after being opened?

How long will beer last in a warm keg?

Tapped, unpasteurized keg beer will last three to four weeks if kept below 40 degrees F. Once tapped, a warm keg will begin to go bad in 8 to 12 hours. Once the taste goes bad, cooling the beer wil... Read More »

How long will beer batter for fish last in the fridge?