How long does bankruptcy pre-discharge counseling take?

Answer On One Hand: Two Hours RequiredThe Executive Office for United States Trustees requires that debtors complete a minimum of two hours of pre-discharge education before the case is closed. The class ... Read More »

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How long is credit counseling good for in a bankruptcy?

The credit counseling program can be taken up to six months prior to filing the bankruptcy paperwork with the court. The debtor education program must be taken after the bankruptcy has been filed b... Read More »

How long after an initial army counseling is the next counseling due?

There are no time limits on counseling. But units do employ the method 6 months to a year as an accessment.

What is bankruptcy counseling?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Protection Act of 2005 requires people to go through credit counseling before they file for bankruptcy. People must also complete a debtor ed... Read More »

Why do i have to take credit counseling before bankruptcy?

Part of the process of declaring bankruptcy in the United States involves going to see a credit counselor. Some people may not understand why they have to see a credit counselor before declaring ba... Read More »