How long does bankruptcy delay foreclosure?

Answer On One Hand: Chapter 13 bankruptcy Delays It IndefinitelyMost people file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop or delay a foreclosure. Chapter 13 is essentially a plan approved by the court to allow the... Read More »

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How long will Chapter 7 delay foreclosure?

According to Nolo, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can delay a foreclosure for as long as the bankruptcy case is proceeding, usually about three to four months. This is called an automatic stay and sto... Read More »

How long will bankruptcy stall foreclosure?

On One Hand: Automatic StayWhen you file for bankruptcy the law immediately imposes an "automatic stay." This means that the instant you file your bankruptcy petition, all of your creditors must im... Read More »

How does bankruptcy stop foreclosure?

Foreclosure is one of the scariest events that any homeowner can face. Luckily, if a seemingly inevitable foreclosure looms in your near future, filing for bankruptcy can help you prevent it from o... Read More »

How does foreclosure&bankruptcy affect credit?

Bankruptcy and foreclosures are both stressful and traumatic. Both result in serious losses and take substantial time to recover. The effects of the two are long lasting but consumers should be awa... Read More »