How long does anxiety last after quitting smoking?

Answer On One Hand: Anxiety Does End.According to John Polito, founder of, a website devoted to helping smokers kick their habit, when a person quits smoking her cravings peak at around the th... Read More »

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How long does bad breath last after quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Bad Breath Improves ImmediatelyAmerican Cancer Society states that your breath will smell better immediately after you quit smoking. Other immediate benefits of quitting include better... Read More »

How long will I feel this way after quitting smoking?

i am taking Chantix too. have been for 2 months. i excersise more now, but still gets winded. when you say feeling good you should feel better after about a month. lungs take a long time to hea... Read More »

How long do cravings last when quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Cravings When QuittingWhen you quits smoking, your body begins to withdraw from the nicotine addiction, causing cravings. Cravings typically begin within the first couple of hours afte... Read More »

How long after quitting smoking do you get your breath back?

On One Hand: Shortness of Breath Decreases In MonthsAccording to the American Cancer Society, people who quit smoking experience less shortness of breath one to nine months after they quit. They wi... Read More »