How long does an l1a visa last?

Answer Managers and executives can work in the United States on an L1A visa for an initial period of three years, which can be extended to a maximum of seven years.Source:Introduction to L1 Visas

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How long does a L-1a visa last?

An L-1A visa is utilized mostly by managerial or executive level staff. A manager entering the U.S. to oversee the opening of a U.S. office will have an L-1A visa valid for one year. If the manag... Read More »

How long does a tourist visa to the UK last?

A general UK tourist visa lasts six months. Students and parents of children attending school in the UK are allowed to stay for up to 12 months at a time. Long-term visit visas are also available.S... Read More »

How long will a work visa last in Canada?

The length of a Canadian work visa depends on the nature of the work. While permits may be extended from inside Canada, some have a maximum length of time. Check resources for details.Source:Canada... Read More »

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