How long does an ink cartridge last in a printer?

Answer Cheap all in one printers use ink cartridges that hold very little ink. The most common mistake among people who purchase printers is that they buy the cheapest one they can find. Printer manufactu... Read More »

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For how long does an ink cartridge last in a printer?

Impossible to say, since it also depends on * what you print -- pictures use a lot more ink than words* size of print cartridge -- older HP ink carts have up to 28 mL of ink. Latest HP carts have l... Read More »

Can you use an EXPIRED ink cartridge in your printer Will it work - for how long?

It really depends on a few things:1) Depending on the make & model of printer, some printers will read the expiration date of the cartridge and if it sees it as expired, it will not allow it to wor... Read More »

How long does the black ink cartridge that comes with the HP Office Jet J4550 printer last?

   Your printer takes the 901 series of cartridges. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but those are fairly low capacity cartridges.- The standard 901 black will yield only up to 200 pages.- Th... Read More »

Could anyone pls tell me the type of cartridge to be used in hcl h505 printer I lost the original cartridge?

hcl h505 is the model number?What is the name of the printer?