How long does an idle phone battery last My friend threatened suicide...?

Answer As long as one does not use it, a phone can last days in standby (waiting for a call).Good luck with your friend.

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How to Tell a Friend You Can't Talk Long on the Phone?

If you're spending more time talking on the phone to your friend than you want to... here's a friendly way to tell them that you choose not to do it anymore.

How long should my phone battery last?

Great thing about non-iphones is that you can just buy more batteries. But before you do that there a few things you can do that make a huge difference is battery life.Turn off 4G when you dont ne... Read More »

How long does the LG Rumor phone battery last?

The battery on an LG Rumor is capable of a maximum of four hours and 30 minutes of talk time. The standard battery, which is included with the phone when purchased, is a 950 mAh Li-Polymer.Referenc... Read More »

How long does a 7000mAh phone battery last?

Sorry but asking a question like that isn't going to give you any sort of reasonable answer. It is like asking how far you can go on 20 gallons of gas. If your car gives you 10 mpg then you can g... Read More »