How long does an iPod touch last?

Answer generally 4-5 years, but the battery life is 36 hrs, to make the battery go up a little takes less time then it takes to make it charge fully

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How long have you had a iPod touch or iPod nano?

I have had an ipod touch since the first inception, it is most definitely a brick. Definitely adore the new generations, and their extreme portability.

How long does the iPod Touch battery last for Wi-Fi?

The iPod Touch battery will last 4 to 5 hours while the iPod is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The iPod Touch can play about 6 hours of video on a single charge, but the use of Wi-Fi consumes batter... Read More »

How long does it take to reset your ipod touch?

from about 1 hour to 30 minutes. I own a 4th gen and currently just reseted it.

How long does it take to update an ipod touch 3.1.3 to a 4.3.5?