How long does a pregnant mother carry her baby?

Answer 9 months

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How long does it take elephant ear bulbs to sprout?

It can take elephant ear bulbs up to four weeks to sprout. Before the plant sprouts, be careful not to disturb the bulbs as that will cause them to grow more slowly.Source:Emily Compost: Elephant E... Read More »

How long does it take a mammoth elephant ear plant to grow after planting?

Mammoth elephant ears, or Colocasias, begin to sprout within 21 days of planting. Eventually the plant will grow to be between eight inches and nine feet tall, depending on the variety of Colocasia... Read More »

How long does a cow carry her calf?

Most cows have a gestation period of 279 to 287 days. The most common length of pregnancy is 283 days among species. Length of gestation is dependent on breed, age and calf Read More »

How long does an Angus cow carry a calf?

Angus cows have an average gestational period of 281 days, with a 12-day window on either side. The average length of pregnancy for cows of all breeds is 283 days, again with a 12-day variance.Sour... Read More »