How long does the average dating relationship last?

Answer The average dating relationship lasts less than four years. This statistic comes from the American Psychological Association, and is based on 17 short-term relationship studies. The couples who wer... Read More »

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How to Repair a Teenage Relationship?

Relationships are a gradual thing! If you rushed or hit a bump, then there's still opportunity to patch things up.

How to Cope With Teenage Hormones in a Relationship?

In the teenage years, your hormones are usually out of control but you want to learn how to control them.

If a mother is currently in a long-term homosexual relationship but is not in any way unfit can the father use that relationship against the mother in court for custody?

Answer Of course. Even though society has come a long way in terms of acceptance and equal rightsfor homosexuals, the debate still rages as to whether children can be adversely affected by witnessi... Read More »

The Average Teenage Jobs?

Though as a teenager you don't have to pay for the bulk of your expenses like rent and food, it's still nice to be able to have your own spending money and to be able to put aside some money for co... Read More »