How long does an average fluorescent light bulb last?

Answer A fluorescent light bulb, also known as CFL, lasts up to ten times longer than an incandescent light bulb, which only lasts about 1,000 hours. A fluorescent bulb also uses about 50 to 80 percent le... Read More »

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How long should a 48-inch fluorescent light bulb last?

A 48-inch fluorescent light bulb should last between 15,000 and 20,000 hours, according to the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine. In a study related to mercury levels in... Read More »

How long does a light bulb last on average?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a regular incandescent bulb lasts about 750 to 1,500 hours. A compact fluorescent light bulb lasts about 10,000 hours. A general fluorescent bulb, in a lo... Read More »

What is a compact fluorescent light bulb?

A compact fluorescent light bulb is a type of fluorescent lighting that can be used in most household lamp fixtures. The light bulb uses less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb and h... Read More »

Who invented the fluorescent light bulb?

The term "Fluorescent" dates back to approximately 1845-1852 where the English mathematician-physicist George Gabriel Stokes from Cambridge University named this "phenomenon" after fluorite, a stro... Read More »