How long does an apricot tree live?

Answer Apricot trees usually live about 20 to 30 years, according to the University of Minnesota Extension. Trees in the Prunus genus, which includes apricots and peaches, have shorter lifespans than othe... Read More »

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How long does it take to get fruit on an apricot tree?

Apricot trees begin to bear fruit when they are three to four years old. They do best in cooler climates but may still thrive in hotter areas if protected from the heat. Apricot trees need watering... Read More »

How long does a pecan tree live?

How long does the average tree live?

depends on the type of tree, pine trees can be between 60 to 80 years where as an oak or yew can be a thousand years and upwards just noticed you said birch tree i guess a couple of hundred years

How long does an orange tree live?

Herbert Weber described in the "History and Development of the Citrus Industry" orange trees that had lived longer than 80 years, yet were not in good condition and reaching the end of their life s... Read More »