How long does a temporary custody order in North Carolina last?

Answer Most temporary custody orders last until the court makes a permanent custody determination. Some custody orders have expiration dates, but they are usually set to coincide with further court appear... Read More »

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How long does temporary emergency custody last in TN?

Temporary cusody is really similar to permanant custody. It lasts until someone fights it. If someone else has sole temporary custody of your children, they can make all of the decisions and do wha... Read More »

How long is a temporary custody order good for in Mississippi?

the greatgrandmother is the temp custody holder and was awarded this in Oct of 2005. Due to a bench warrant for a custody case that I started in Aug 2005, that on the date the court met for the hea... Read More »

How long does a felony larceny record last in North Carolina?

A felony larceny conviction will remain on your record permanently in North Carolina. If you are facing a felony larceny charge, contact an attorney to learn what options are available to you.Sourc... Read More »

How long does temporary hair dye last?

Temporary hair dyes only last for one to a few washes, because they merely cover hair shafts. Some temporary dyes rinse out with water. Semi-permanent dyes penetrate the hair shaft, and they come o... Read More »