How long does a state treasurer serve?

Answer A state treasurer serves a four-year term. After his first term, he can run for re-election or be reappointed one more time. In some states, treasurers are chosen through an election; in other stat... Read More »

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Who was the last person to serve as the Texas state treasurer?

Martha Whitehead was the last state treasurer of Texas. Whitehead ran for re-election in 1994 on the promise of abolishing the state Department of Treasury, eliminating her own position. On Aug. 30... Read More »

How long does the Secretary of State serve for?

The U.S. Secretary of State is a political appointment. The Secretary of State serves as long as the appointing President is in office, and may serve again if the President is re-elected. On the st... Read More »

What is the role of a state treasurer?

A state treasure is elected to management the state treasury office and the fiscal concerns of the state. State treasurer roles can vary by state and encompass a variety of duties.FunctionTypically... Read More »

Who is Alabama's State Treasurer?

Kay Ivey was elected as Alabama's state treasurer in 2002. She was the first Republican elected to the office since the Reconstruction. As of March 2010, Ivey also is running for the office of gove... Read More »