How long does a spider bite usually take to heal?

Answer A genuine spider bite will usually heal in less than 3 days, some I have had were gone the same day.What you describe though doesn't sound like a spider bite, they don't hurt to touch or pressure.T... Read More »

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Best way to heal a spider bite?

U may need antibiotics if the bug had bad bacteria ....use alcohol on it several times a day followed by the neosporin n If it doesn't dry and heal in the first couple of days get a second opinion.... Read More »

What is a natural way to heal a brown recluse spider bite?

Most brown recluse bites will heal nicely with just common first aid.Given your injury is very recent, I might suggest a trip to a clinic or dermatologist to have it examined.If there is a need for... Read More »

How long does a spider bite last?

In the US there are only two kinds of spiders who's bite you need to worry about. The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. With other spider bites you only need to worry about secondary infections. I... Read More »

How long should i wait after a spider bite to see a dr?

Sounds like a wolf spider. They arent that poisonous so if you think you can stand the pain go for it. If not then go to the doctor. The sooner the better :P