How long does a ringneck parrot live?

Answer The ringneck parakeet or parrot, Psittacula krameri, are small green parrots with long tapered tails. Some know this bird as the Indian ringneck parakeet, which refers to a particular subspecies (P... Read More »

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Indian Ringneck Parrot Facts?

Because of their beauty, intelligence and exotic nature, parrots have become popular pets. While cockatoos, macaws and African gray parrots are fairly recognizable by sight, one less common but bea... Read More »

Fruits to Feed an African Ringneck Parrot?

African ringneck parrots, also called Indian ringneck parrots, consume a varied diet in the wild. As a result, it is important to provide them a wide variety of seeds, vegetables, and fruits to ens... Read More »

Can I put my Quaker parrot in the same cage with my African grey parrot?

Most parrot cages are too small to house more than one parrot the size of an African grey, even if the cage mate is a small Quaker parrot. Both of these species can be aggressive, especially in cra... Read More »

How long does the quick extend on a parrot's toes if you don't trim their claws?

The quick of a parrot’s nails “extends two thirds to three fourths of the way down the length of the nail” states veterinarian Gary A. Gallerstein in “The Complete Bird Owner’s Handbook.â... Read More »