How long does a pulled tendon take to heal?

Answer healing time equals how well you take care of this can re-injure without much, better off with a therapist to lead you through...ask many questions, get many answers for w... Read More »

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Possible wrist flexor tendon injury, how long will it take to heal?

Can you walk with a pulled tendon in the foot?

On One Hand: You Will Be Able to WalkTendons are at the ends of muscles near bones. A pulled foot tendon can cause pain, swelling, weakness and difficulty rising up on your toes. However, you shoul... Read More »

Can a dog's tendon heal on its own?

On One Hand: Under 35 PoundsIf the dog with the tendon injury is under 35 pounds, surgical repairs may not be necessary. The dog should be kept quiet for a period of time that can be determined by ... Read More »

In theory, would you be able to splint a leg with a cut achilles tendon well enough at home for it to heal?

No is the short answer, unless the person injuring themselves had medical knowledge as well as an adequate supply of antiseptic, medical equipment and the ability to operate on them self, even then... Read More »