How long does a projector bulb last?

Answer Lamp life is the term used to describe how many hours the projector bulb has until it's at half of its original brightness. The average lamp life of a projector bulb is approximately 2,000 hours. T... Read More »

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Where can i find my replacement bulb for my projector fujix p701 bulb p/n is L130WU?

Home depot, or lowes probably has one, but if not, check online.

DIY Projector Bulb?

There are many reasons why you may want to put together your own bulb for your video projector. The bulbs in projectors can often be more expensive than the projectors themselves, and they may only... Read More »

Instructions for the Replacement of an LCD TV Projector Bulb?

Specialized lamp units that include a bulb usually power liquid crystal display televisions, commonly referred to as LCD televisions. When the picture on the LCD unit begins to darken or goes out c... Read More »

Is it safe to reset the timer on my projector bulb?

The lamp timer is more of a guideline for quality, and to warn you that you may want to purchase a replacement bulb before the other bulb completely dies. If you use a bulb past the recommended lif... Read More »