How long does a printer store an unprinted job in memory?

Answer If the job is gone from the print queue, then it's in the printer's memory waiting to print after it is fixed. The job was not moved to another print queue like someone suggested, they just don't d... Read More »

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What do you call the unprinted paper in a printer?

What does a film camera store its memory on?

There is no memory per se. When you take a picture with a film camera an aperture briefly opens, exposing the film to light, altering chemicals on its surface in the shape of the image. The result... Read More »

How does a computer store pictures in a computers memory?

it scans a image by byte by byte in each pixel and stores it in a memory

Does an Xbox 360 memory card store downloaded maps?

The Xbox 360 memory unit can store downloaded map packs, gamer profiles, game saves and other content. The memory unit can only store up to 512 MB of data, however, and many downloaded maps are lar... Read More »