How long does a pregnant mother carry her baby?

Answer 9 months

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Is it possible to get pregnant and be able to carry the baby full term 3 years after a tubal ligation?

AnswerMy mother carried two babies full term after two separate tubal ligations

Why do men vomit when their baby's mother is pregnant?

There are two distinct possibilities: 1) SMS - Sympathetic "Morning Sickness" (this is actually a positive sign) 2) PSP - Paternity Suit Precognition (bad news for the "player")Seriously, the emo... Read More »

What happens to an unborn baby if the mother dies while pregnant?

It depends on the gestational age of the fetus. If the fetus is 27 weeks or later an emergency delivery of the baby can be done to try and save it. A baby could survive earlier than 27 weeks. With ... Read More »

When does a pregnant mother feel the baby move?

Excited mothers-to-be look forward to feeling their babies move. According to, many of these women will start to feel movement at about the 20th week of pregnancy, when the baby is... Read More »