How long does a person sit in a lounge?

Answer click on the name of your nightclub and click on the closed bit

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How long does a person get VA disability?

Disabled veterans who receive disability compensation get monthly payments for life. Disability benefits are paid to compensate for injuries or illnesses suffered or made worse while on active mili... Read More »

How Long Does the Average Person Keep a Car?

The average person in the United States keeps a car for about three to four years after purchasing it, before buying or trading it in for a new or different car. Source: Read More »

How long does a person pay with chapter 13?

A chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan can run for three to five years depending on the amount of debts that you have and the amount of your monthly payment to the trustee each month.References:Law... Read More »

How long does it take for a fit person to run 8 miles?

The usual fit person should be running it in an hour or so...maybe just a tad longer. the expert runner run about a 6 minute they will be about 45min...