How long does a ringneck parrot live?

Answer The ringneck parakeet or parrot, Psittacula krameri, are small green parrots with long tapered tails. Some know this bird as the Indian ringneck parakeet, which refers to a particular subspecies (P... Read More »

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Can I put my Quaker parrot in the same cage with my African grey parrot?

Most parrot cages are too small to house more than one parrot the size of an African grey, even if the cage mate is a small Quaker parrot. Both of these species can be aggressive, especially in cra... Read More »

What is long john silver's parrot called in treasure island?

I don't know, but I think you should f***** research it somewhere else.

How long does a cut flower live?

Cut flowers can last as short as one day, or as long as two weeks with proper maintenance. To increase longevity, change the water every day, trim the flower stems at an angle daily, cut any foliag... Read More »

How long does monera live?

The Kingdom of Monera includes the two major domains: Archea and Bacteria. Neither of these two organisms ever really die of old age; they either die because of inclement conditions or receive enou... Read More »