How long does a one-pound beeswax candle burn?

Answer On average, a pure beeswax candle that's one pound will burn for more than 100 hours. But there are multiple factors that will affect the burn time of your candle such as whether it's pure beeswax ... Read More »

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How to Make a Beeswax Candle?

Always running off to the mall to stock up on more candles? Can't get enough of that candle ambiance for your weekly slumber parties? Or maybe you're just looking for a cool, unique gift to give to... Read More »

How many candles can you make out of a pound of beeswax?

The number of candles that can be made from a pound of wax depends on the size of the candles being made. One 16-oz. candle, two 8-oz. candles, four 4-oz. candles, or eight 2-oz. candles can be mad... Read More »

Burn the candle or put it on a candle warmer Which keeps the smell longer?

Burn baby burn. Get one of those yankee candle toppers. They make the candle burn much more evenly. I have the metal one that fits the inside and it fits even the cheap candle jars. Don't get the o... Read More »

Why does a white candle burn faster than a colored candle?

A white candle burns faster than a colored candle because the coloring slows the burning. Also, see the link below.