How long does a misdemeanor bad check charge in North Carolina show on a criminal background check?

Answer In North Carolina, a misdemeanor charge remains on your criminal record unless removed--or expunged--by the court. Criteria for consideration include your age when the crime was committed (must be ... Read More »

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Will a misdemeanor charge appear on your criminal background check?

On One Hand: Comprehensive Background Check ContentsA comprehensive criminal background check includes a great deal of information about you. It includes not only misdemeanor charges of which you h... Read More »

Will an 18 year old sealed misdemeanor show up in a criminal background check?

Misdemeanors that have been sealed for approximately seven years--and which occurred prior to a person's eighteenth birthday--will not show up in a background check. If the misdemeanor took place a... Read More »

How long does it take for a criminal background check?

The average wait time for a background check for employment is usually 24 to 48 hours, though it can take longer depending on the type of job you've applied for. Criminal history on the account or ... Read More »

How long does an FBI criminal background check take?

An FBI background check can take up to two weeks to be completed. During these checks, fingerprints are run through the FBI's databases to determine someone's criminal history.Source:Federal Bureau... Read More »