How long does the flu shot last?

Answer You will be protected for life against that exact subtype/strain of the flu virus that was contained in the vaccine (or that you caught which caused you to be ill), and you will likely also have so... Read More »

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How long does a cortisone shot last?

On One Hand: Cortisone Injection Duration of ActionA cortisone injection has a different response in each patient. This is in part related to the specific indication for the injection. Many patie... Read More »

How long does the pain last after a gaurdicil shot?

So they will give it to you if you are over 18?Awesome. :)But like with any shot, it could be a few minutes to 24 hours. Hopefully, you've been sorted out by now, But for future reference, go see t... Read More »

How many years does the meningitis vaccine last?

Meningitis is an infection that causes swelling of the outer portion surrounding the brain. Taking a meningitis vaccine can prevent some forms of meningitis and will give protection for three to fi... Read More »

Does last year's flu shot still work?

It will work almost forever for the exact same flu viruses. However due to viruses' ability to mutate to new forms that would not be prevented by the injection you already had, you will need a new ... Read More »