How long does a landlord have to fix a problem?

Answer Specific landlord-tenant laws are local regulations, and so vary widely. Landlords should be given a reasonable period to research and repair tenant concerns. This period is generally considered t... Read More »

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Does a landlord or owner have to have a property insurance?

If the property in question is not paid off and there is still a mortgage to be paid, the mortgage company requires that the purchaser have full insurance coverage on the property. They do not want... Read More »

How to Get Your Landlord to Fix a Mold Problem?

You'd probably don't need something like this.There is a mold problem. But your landlord is still unconvinced. Here's how.

Does my landlord have to fix the furnace?

you all don't have to pay the rent if the landlord doesn't want to fix anything in his property. I would withhold the rent to see if he fixs the furnance and if he tries to put u all out, go to hig... Read More »

I'm having a problem w/ my landlord reparing issues...?

Your landlord is correct. Neither of the issues you mention require landlord repairs. The door viewer/peepsight issue is very simple to handle. You can get a new one at Home Depot for $7. They ... Read More »