How long does a knee replacement takes to heal?

Answer That would depend on many factors:1. The age of the patient2. How good a shape they are when the knee was replaced3. How well they respond the physical therapyTo a person middle age person in good ... Read More »

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How long does it take a sprained knee to heal?

Ever heard of a bum knee? It happens. Sometimes from small injuries. I sprained my acl in 2010 and it still hurts sometimes. But seriously your best bet is to go back to the doc (preferably sports ... Read More »

How long does a total knee replacement last?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, 85 percent of knee replacements last at least 20 years. The first knee replacement surgery was performed in the early 1970s with survival rate of the medical impl... Read More »

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I scraped me knee on on some concrete bricks. What do I do How long does it take to heal?

Rub some Neosporin on the cuts and wait, it wont heal that quickly but it will heal faster. Put Band-aids on them to help prevent infection. Don't worry I felt the same way about my cuts after tri... Read More »

Almost 2 months after a total knee replacement is it normal for my knee to still be red and hot?

I'm not a Dr ...But that's where I would be now or the emergency room to find out what's going on ...There's something wrong ....SomewhereI wish you the best... Let us know how your making out