How long does a justice of the Supreme Court remain a member of the court?

Answer The United States Constitution stipulates that a U.S. Supreme Court justice holds his position "during good behaviour," explains the Supreme Court's official website. This means once she assumes he... Read More »

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How long is the term for a Supreme Court Justice?

According to the United States Constitution, a Supreme Court Justice serves for life. They are at liberty to retire when they wish. The average Supreme Court Justice served for 15.2 years, and reti... Read More »

In what language does the chief justice of the Supreme Court speak?

The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court speaks English. John Roberts is currently (as of 2010) the chief justice of the Supreme Court. He was sworn into office on September 29, 2005, a... Read More »

How many Supreme Court Chief Justices have there been in the history of the Supreme Court?

Seventeen men have served as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The first was John Jay, appointed in 1789. The current Chief Justice is John G. Roberts, Jr. appointed in 2005.Referen... Read More »

How Do You Address a Supreme Court Justice?

While Article 3 of the United States Constitution refers to the officials that would eventually sit on the U.S. Supreme Court as judges, the Court's first judges were referred to as justices, and t... Read More »