How long does a judgment last in public records?

Answer A judgment against you will stay a matter of public record for seven years from the date that the courts approved the judgment.Source:Bad Credit Eliminated

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How Long Does a Small Claims Court Judgment Last?

The amount of time a small claims judgment lasts varies from one state to the next. They generally last between three and five years.Source:American Bar Association

Are last will&testaments public records?

Until a last will and testament is filed with a governmental authority, it is not a public record. If you file your will with the county register or recorder (which is not a legal requirement), the... Read More »

How long are public records kept in Florida?

Florida has different record retention schedules for various types of public records. For example, ballots for state and local elections are retained for one year after the election is certified; ... Read More »

How long does 60p last making a local phone call in a public phone box?

Minimum cost is 60p for 30 minutes (local call) then a further 10p for every 15 minutes after that;…Regards, Bob.