How long does a honey bee sting last for?

Answer Bee stings only last two days or so, but I've never got one on my foot. That will probably irritate it. I once got a hornet sting and put some honey on it and the pain went away really quickly, but... Read More »

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How long will swelling last after wasp sting?

a wasp sting starts small and white then it goes bigger then after 5 mins the pain slowly starts to go

Is a honey bee sting worse than yellowjacket?

I've been stung by both and the yellow jackets are way more painful and they don't die when they sting you so they keep coming back to sting you again.

How long does a bee sting usually swell for..?

Please do not scratch it no matter how itchy it becomes. After removing the stinger carefully with a tweezer, put on some antiseptic cream on it. Try not to put too much pressure on it. It should e... Read More »

How long does a scorpion sting hurt?

Depending on the scorpion, the pain from its sting can last from a few hours to a few days. Some scorpion stings can be fatal, especially if you are allergic. If you are stung, have someone drive y... Read More »