How long does a russian dwarf hamster live?

Answer The Russian dwarf hamster is very small, measuring between 3 to 4 inches long. It is a very energetic and social species of hamster if handled correctly. The lifespan of the Russian dwarf hamster i... Read More »

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Does a female hamster or a male hamster run faster through a maze?

Neither gender of hamster is faster at running through a maze, according to "Training Your Pet Hamster". The speed of a hamster depends upon the individual hamster's ability to learn a maze. In the... Read More »

How to Clean a Long Haired Hamster?

This is how to clean your long haired hamster.

How to Clean a Long-Haired Hamster?

Long-haired hamsters are also known as "teddy bears." These small rodents need regular and proper care; that includes keeping their hair in good condition. Keeping a long-haired hamster's hair clea... Read More »

How Long Does Honeysuckle Live?

Honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.) is the common name applied to over 170 species of twining evergreen vines that are known for the fragrant, white, pink or yellow trumpet-shaped blossoms that they produc... Read More »