How long does the heat stay on for a digital thermostat?

Answer Whoever sets the digital thermostat determines how long the heat stays on. The user can either manually turn the heat on and off or program a daily routine that governs when the heat turns on and o... Read More »

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How long do female dogs stay pregnant?

Female dogs do not remain pregnant for very long. The average length of a dog's pregnancy is 63 days; this time is measured from the time she ovulated, not from the time she was bred.Source:Doctors... Read More »

How to Know if a Female Tiger Is in Heat?

If you need to understand the oestrus (or coming into heat) cycle of a tigress, this article provides some initial pointers. Seek professional advice from your zoo, safari, or local vet if you are ... Read More »

How to Deal With a Female Cat in Heat?

If you don't intend to breed your cat to raise kittens, you should have a cat that is spayed or neutered, if not set up a appointment to get it taken care of. In the mean time, if your female cat i... Read More »

How to Tell if My Female Chinchillas Are in Heat?

Chinchillas are small rodents known for their soft, silky fur and constant chewing behavior. They can be kept as pets and bred, but they do not always have a friendly demeanor. Once they trust you,... Read More »