How long does a dose of Levitra last?

Answer Levitra's usual starting dose is 10 mg., which will continue to be effective for up to four hours, according to The recommended dose may vary depending on your age and health. Levitra sh... Read More »

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How long dose it take to download?

download time = size of file / speed of your internet connection

How long dose training last for a CIA agent?

How long dose it take to get your period after getting your cherry poped?

Having sex has NOTHING to do with getting your period. If you had sex at such a young age, you may want to visit an ob/gyn for advice. He/she could help you with further information.

How long dose a tadpole take to grow into a frog?

According to Ohio History Central, it takes between 12 and 16 weeks for a tadpole to become a frog. Young frogs spend about nine weeks as tadpoles before becoming froglets. Froglets look like adult... Read More »